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Do you need help with:

Word Processing?
Database Maintenance?
PowerPoint Presentations?
Desktop Publishing?

When building a business, you don’t always have time for day-to-day tasks, and may not have the space or workload for a full-time employee. At About Time, I offer a wide range of Virtual Administrative Services.

Commemorative Services

Let me help you help you make a lasting impression with your family, friends, employees, or customers, by giving you a unique way to express your appreciation or admiration.

Celebrate and commemorate all the special moments in your life.

Whatever the occasion, I can help you commemorate it!

Whether you're looking for Virtual Assistance or Commemorative Services, it's all About Time!

Providing the time to complete the tasks that you may not have the time/staff to complete in house:  efficiently and cost-effectively.

Saving you time that will allow you to concentrate on other business building items.

Helping you remember special times with a gift of memories that personally celebrates your relationship with a relative, friend or staff member.

Capturing and celebrating moments in time with digital images, personalized poems, or songs.


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