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Order a Collage

Order a Personalized Photo Collage

Step 1 - Complete the Order Form and Submit


Step 2 - Submit Your Payment

  1. Find the type of collage you want below, and choose the number of pictures you would like included in your collage.
  2. If you want more than 10 pictures, you can choose any combination of numbers to come up with your total. (e.g. for 20 pictures, you can choose 10 pictures, add to cart, and then change the quantity to 2 and update cart.)
  3. View Cart (if necessary, Proceed to Checkout, and Complete Payment.
Traditional Collage

Mosaic Collage


Blended Collage

Step 3 - Send Me Your Photos

  1. Email your photos as attachments to denise@abouttimevacs.ca.
  2. Subject Line: ATVACS Personalized Photo Collage Order.

Step 4 - Wait for collage proof to preview and approve.

Step 5 - Receive your jpeg file to print and use as you wish.


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